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Because Dogs Deserve Better!

A High Quality Of Life Starts With Proper Nutrition & Exercise.

And Proper Nutrition starts with Food. Real Food. Bagged, brown, burnt balls (‘kibble’) cannot be credited by being called ‘food’. They are anything but. Real food is made with real ingredients, like we do at Fido’s Kitchen. We started Fido’s Kitchen 8 years ago, not as a business, but to take care of our own dogs. To provide them the best food & nutrition possible. And more we learnt about the state of affairs and standard operating procedures  in the pet food industry, more involved and committed we got in our resolve to bring proper, natural food to as many dogs as we can. Because Dogs deserve better!

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Why Is It Better BEST?

Contrary to popular belief, preparing holistic dog food is complicated. Specially at home. Sourcing the proper ingredients are important, and so is having the appropriate fat content. The cooking temperatures and cooling down procedures are critical. And just like us humans, essentials vitamins and other supplementation is required for dogs and cats alike. And these are just to name a few. Since we started on this journey in 2016, we have gone above and beyond in fine tuning everything we prepare. We come up with our recipes, then work with few of the leading vet nutritionists in the nation to rebalance the nutrient profiles in those recipes, followed by us sending the same to a specialty lab who test the recipes and give further recommendations in the development process. And the end of it all, results in the food that we bring to your pooch.

What Customers Are Saying

Samantha W.

Pawsitively Perfect: Fido's Kitchen Delights!

I couldn't be more thrilled with Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food! It's like serving up gourmet meals for my furry friend every day.

Michael S.

The Canine Connoisseur's Choice!

I'm delighted to share my experience with Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food. As a discerning pet parent.My dog's health and happiness have never been better since we made the switch. Fido's Kitchen is truly the epitome of canine culinary excellence!

Jennifer L.

Fido's Kitchen Reigns Supreme!

I'm thrilled to rave about Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food! I'm confident that my dog is getting the nourishment he needs to thrive. Pl Fido's Kitchen has truly earned its place as the reigning champion of canine cuisine in our household!

Robert M.

A Canine Culinary Masterpiece!

I'm here to share my experience with Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food—a true culinary masterpiece for our four-legged friends! Fido's Kitchen has elevated our canine dining experience to a whole new level. A must-try for every pet parent seeking excellence in dog nutrition!

Michelle H.

Where Quality Meets Taste!

I'm excited to share my love for Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food! It's a true testament to quality and taste. My dog's health has seen a remarkable transformation since switching to Fido's Kitchen.

David B.

A Tail-Wagging Triumph!

I'm thrilled to share my experience with Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food! It's been a true game-changer for my beloved canine companion. The carefully crafted recipes and premium ingredients ensure that every meal is packed with nutrition and flavor.

Jessica F.

Where Health Meets Happiness!

It's the perfect blend of health and I can see the joy in my dog's eyes. But it's not just about taste—Fido's Kitchen prioritizes quality ingredients, ensuring my pet gets the nutrition he deserves.

Maria G.

A Palatable Paradise for Pooches!

I'm thrilled to bark about Fido's Kitchen Homemade Dog Food! It's like a palatable paradise for my pooch. From the moment I opened the first bag, I could tell this was something special.